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-Jill and Kevin

We are delighted to take a moment and thank the great staff at Gold Coast Custom Homes for being so understanding and accommodating us with all the changes we made during construction. We love our home and will enjoy living in it for many years to come. We appreciate your attention to detail, quality and ability in meeting deadlines. Overall, a wonderful experience!

-Elaine and Ernest

We are extremely happy with our new home in Palm Coast! Gold Coast did an amazing job on our home. Every square inch is perfect.  They designed our home with the all of the features we wanted which is not easy to do working with waterfront narrow lots.We have heard some stories about unscrupulous builders. We can tell you that Gold Coast sticks to their word as well as being honest and caring. 

-Paul and Sherri

Gold Coast Custom Homes built us a solid home that provided us with years of enjoyment. Gold Coast was able to give us the freedom to customize our home while giving us an energy efficient, well-built, quality home creating value that will benefit our family for many years to come. I tell all my friends and family that there is not a builder that can compare to what Gold Coast Custom Homes can and will provide.

-Vicky and Dan

It has been great to always hear from the Gold Coast staff that we are the customers and that they are always available to assist us with our requests.  The best aspect of working with Gold Coast Homes is their open lines of communication and quick response times that make us feel we are in good hands.  Even after completion, Gold Coast Custom Homes continues to treat us as their valued customers.

-Vic and Lorraine

We are extremely happy with our new custom home! This is the first new home we ever built and we felt comfortable from Day 1 with Gold Coast Homes.  It is amazing how our custom designed home turned out exactly as the preliminary design, turning our dreams into reality. Gold Coast Custom Homes takes great pride in their work with the highest standards in quality, value and attention to detail.  I would recommend them to everyone who is looking to build a custom home.

- Eric R.

Of special importance was the fact that both Nick and Anthony as well as their staff were friendly, communicative, responsive and contributory of their good ideas throughout the process and we feel that the input they supplied helped us a great deal.

- John and Patty

Gold Coast Homes has fulfilled and gone beyond all of our expectations as a custom builder. There were a lot of design decisions we were unsure about and put our trust in Gold Coast in making those selections. What a great job, they were a key asset in making sure our home turned out to be our masterpiece. Thank You Very Much!