Building Throughout Flagler County, Florida

2006 Award of Excellence "The Landcaster"

2008 Award of Distinction "The Bombay"

2008 Award of Distinction "The Tuscan"

2009 Realtors Choice Award Category 3 First Place "The Tuscan"2008 News Journal Volusia and Flagler County Builder of the Year!!

2009 Virtual Entry Award "The Bombay"2009 Grand Award "The Tuscan"

2010 Top Score Award "The Tuscan"

2010 Grand Award "The Tuscan"

2011 Grand Award "The Tuscan"

2012 Grand Award "The Tuscan"

2013 Grand Award "The Tuscan"

2014 Award of Distinction "The Tuscano"

2015 Grand Award "The Portofino"

2015 Virtual Entry Award "The Salerno"

2015 Virtual Entry Award "The Tuscan"