Four Easy Steps to Closing Your Gold Coast Home

The time has finally come, after months of watching your new home come to reality, you are ready to close.   During this process it is extremely important to have great communication between you, your builder and your lender to ensure a smooth, no stress, closing process.  

Step 1: Preparing to Close / Communication

You will receive a closing letter approximately 30 days before the closing of your home, which will inform you of the date and location.  If you are utilizing a lending institution, now is the time to reach out to them confirming all of your closing responsibilities are met and they have your closing package on track to be complete for the closing date.  

Step 2: Set up your Insurance & Utility Accounts

Now it’s time to contact your utility providers, such as the power service provider, water provider and cable / phone provider.  You will set up an account and let them know the closing date, which is when the service will start in your name and on your account.  If you have not contacted your homeowners insurance provider now is the time to do so.   Line up your policy to start on or before the closing date as you lending institution usually needs a 12-month prepaid policy at closing.  This is also the time to discuss other insurance options such as flood and wind. 

Step 3: Complete the Closing of Your New Home

It is finally time for closing.  Here you will sign all of your closing documents and present a certified check for any remaining funds due.   Once all paperwork is signed and complete, you will receive your keys, garage door opener(s), termite treatment warranty info, your original survey (if applicable) and all of your manuals along with any other builder materials.

Step 4: Taking Possession of Your New Home

Congratulations and welcome to the Gold Coast family of Owners!  You are now the proud owner of your very own brand new Gold Coast Home and it’s finally time for the long awaited move in.  


Closing Your Gold Coast Home