Three Easy Steps to Owning Your Gold Coast Home

You have finally moved into your new Gold Coast Home, however great customer service does not stop at closing, but continues after you have settled into your new home.  This will Ensure your home stays in perfect working order. 

Step 1:  Organize and Store Your Documents

It becomes very easy to misplace important documentation while moving and settling into your new home.  Make it a point to put all of your closing, appliance and home-related documents in a safe, easy to access space. 

Step 2: Complete Your Forms / Register Products

It is extremely important to fill out your product warranty registration cards for items like your cook top, oven, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, washer and dryer, etc.  This will start your manufactures warranty and often time extend your coverage beyond the first year. 

Step 3: Establish Your Maintenance Schedule 

Neglecting routine maintenance can void all or part of your limited new home warranty coverage, so it’s best to set up a maintenance schedule and to stick to it.   Don’t forget items such as lawn and shrub maintenance / treatment, gutter and roof debris removal, A/C filter changes amongst others.  Many times a minor repair or adjustment right away can avoid more timely or costly repair in the future.   If something comes up which Gold Coast will handle, it is best to submit a Warranty Request Form, which can be found on this site.  Make sure you notate all of the items that currently exist on this form which will avoid Gold Coast from making several trips back to your home and unnecessary appointments you must be home to attend.