Four Easy Steps to Building Your Gold Coast Home

At several points during this period of time there will seem like not much happening on your Home site for several weeks.  During this time there is actually a lot happening behind the scenes.  

Important Items are being completed, like: Architectural Review Committee submission and approval (for homes in Gated Communities), final construction plan engineering, truss engineering, energy calculations and working with the City / County municipalities in obtaining your Building Permit.

Step 1: Pre-Construction Consultation

During your pre-construction consultation you will meet with you builder to finalize and discuss items such as confirming and signing your final set of construction plans, confirming home placement on the building lot, and going over exterior selection criteria.

Step 2:  Ground Breaking / Home Construction Progress

Once the building permit is obtained from the appropriate municipality, it is now time for ground breaking.  Your construction schedule will be set and construction will begin.  Construction time will vary depending on the size and scope of the project, however in most cases from the point the slab is poured to closing it will be from 20 – 48 weeks.  During this time you will be periodically asked to attend a construction meeting.  Please make yourself available for such meetings, which will be scheduled in advance and during normal business hours. 

Step 3: Mid-Construction Walk

During the construction of your home you will be asked to attend a mid-construction walk which will occur after substantial construction is complete but prior to drywall being hung. This will give you the opportunity to see what exists behind the walls of your new home.  You will also have the time to review any special features or upgrades to your home.  This is also a great time to get answers on construction related questions, so bring your notes.

Step 4: Final Walk-Through / Home Orientation

You will be contacted approximately two weeks prior to your closing to schedule a final walk-through and home orientation.  During this time your builder will walk you through the inner workings and functionality of your home.  You will also thoroughly look over our finished product and complete a final walk-through form.  This is where you will notate any items needing attention.  If any, these items will be on the top of our priority list to be completed as soon as possible. 


Building Your Gold Coast Home